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9 thoughts on “ All I Can Give (Original Vocal Mix) - P.J.* Featuring Saxy - All I Can Give (Vinyl)

  1. The vocal should just sound a bit more thick, dense or husky — whatever word makes the most sense to you. If you level match the before and after on this second layer of compression, it should feel like the vocal just puffs out a bit at you. After all this compression it’s pretty .
  2. Apr 12,  · Vol automation can help w/ this and using more than one comp (such as a little FET then opto chain as above) is smoother - more realistic. Once the vocal "sits" in the song how you want it, you can try some eq. Almost every vocal can use some high pass filtering. Depending upon the voice, there is little going on down below a Hz, or even
  3. Cool Million - Give Me My Love (Original Mix) Bobby Thurston - Just Ask Me (Original Mix) Ali-Ollie Woodson - Power Of A Woman (Original Mix) Act Of Faith - If U Believe (Original Mix) Leza - You Got Me (Original Mix) Billy Griffin - Oxygen (Original Mix) The Emotions - All Things Come In Time (Original Mix) Rockie.
  4. May 13,  · Just for practice, I'd love to find some vocal-only tracks for download to play around with doing my own remixes. This would not be for any sort of commercial release. I'm not a singer nor am I much of a lyricist, so I probably won't be writing my own songs of that sort. However, I'd still like to g.
  5. Each chapter, in this chapter ebook, details exactly what you need to know, why you need to know it, and how you can apply tiodresimopandislomacesubfocol.coinfo'll develop confidence in mixing vocals. A step-by-step guide where I walk you through everything from microphone selection to mixing monitors to mixing lead and backing vocals.; In-depth section on using eight types of effects.
  6. May 06,  · Mixing vocals can be both an exciting stage of getting to hear your song finally nearing completion and a complex mixing challenge. By the time you get to the vocals, you’ve already spent many hours tweaking, finessing, adjusting, and re-thinking all of your choices about the music bed and how best to blend the instrumentation.
  7. Whether you pick reverb or delay to give your vocal some space depends on what sound you’re going for. Reverb sounds more natural, but it pushes the vocal back farther in the mix. If you want a super close vocal (think pop or rap), you’re probably not going to use this. But if you’re wanting a more folk or ballad vocal, reverb is perfect.
  8. This technique is called serial compression and can be used to delicately compress fragile sounds (like vocals), while still achieving the same gain reduction.. Here is how it works. Say we want to compress a vocal by 2 decibel. We add a compressor, set its attack, release, ratio, a soft knee and bring the threshold down until the sound is compressed by 1dB.
  9. Mar 25,  · The examples I’ve been referencing (Beach Boys, Queen, Fun.) were definitely all compressed individually. Compressing the tracks as a bus will give a more organic, natural sound. This could be good in more folk or acoustic type settings, like the backup-vocal-shout sections that can sometimes be heard in Lumineers or Mumford & Sons recordings.

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