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  1. salvation [noun] in religion, the freeing of a person from sin or the saving of his/her soul. salvation [noun] the cause, means, or act of saving This delay was the salvation of the army.
  2. In Christianity, salvation is the fact that Christ has saved a person from evil. The church's message of salvation has changed the lives of many.
  3. Used to express friendly feelings towards one's companions before drinking. ‘As usual this coming Saturday, for the final, I'll be spending the evening watching it in the company of a bottle of champagne and a decent-size box of handmade Belgian chocolates - salut!’.
  4. Salut Kitchen Bar was named Best Wine Bar in Tempe, Arizona. It offers a wide array of flavorful and innovative menu items inspired by a mix of Mediterranean and American cuisine.
  5. Salute definition is - to address with expressions of kind wishes, courtesy, or honor. How to use salute in a sentence.
  6. Salut is consistently good but never quite gets to the amazing for me, but I like it for the consistency, the size (fairly easy on a weeknight to get seated without reservation), and for little things like the inclusion of several non-alcoholic mocktails on the menu that make dining more fun while pregnant!/5().
  7. 1. a. a formal gesture of respect given to a person of superior military rank, as raising the right hand to the side of the head. b. a ceremonial gesture of respect, as the discharge of firearms, performed by a military or naval force to honor a dignitary or commemorate an occasion. 2. any instance or occasion of formal greeting or welcome.
  8. Salute Restaurant is located in downtown Hartford, CT. Easy access from I91 or I Parking is available in the LAZ garage attached to our building.

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