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8 thoughts on “ Kite - U2 - The Spice Boys (CD)

  1. Music Quiz / U2 Songs by Album P.O.E. Random Music or Rock Quiz Can you click the studio album that each U2 song is from? by PHSPeters Plays Quiz Fall Out Boy Songs by Any Word. Tracks on the Back in Black. Tracks on the Back: Debut Albums. hide this ad.
  2. Albums recorded by U2, with release dates and UK CD availability. Available on this page: • link to a web-site specific to this artist - click on the name above • album track-listing and personnel details - click on album title • brief biographical details - click on person's name (uses a pop-up).
  3. All That You Can't Leave Behind - U2. This CD from U2 is unlike any they've recorded. It's one of those cd's that contains upbeat melodies with positive feelings. A far departure from Boy or War or later works. Your girlfriend will absolutely dig it, and get you on the positive side.
  4. Dec 12,  · “Cartoon World,” Boy ( deluxe edition) It’s U2’s version of a Ramones song, performed live in Dublin in “Kite,” All the track was captured on video and later beamed.
  5. May 29, - Snippet performances from the best bands & artists been & gone. See more ideas about Cool bands, U2 videos, Bono pins.
  6. Lyrics to 'Kite' by U2: Something Is about to give I can feel it coming I think I know what it is.
  7. Okay this may not be U2s greatest album but boy does it sound fantastic. From the opening Beautiful Day a track I have heard so many times and was a bit sick of but I loved how clear and unique each aspect of the song shines through on this vinyl release. I am a massive U2 fan and couldnt be happier, its rare to hear a remaster sound this good.
  8. Boy - An Cat Dubh. October - I Threw A Brick Through window. War - Drowning Man. Unforgettable Fire - A Sort Of Homecoming. Joshua Tree - I Still Haven`t Found What I Am Looking For. Rattle and Hum - Heartland. Achtung Baby - The Fly. Zooropa - Lemon. Pop - The Playboy Mansion. All That You Can`t Leave Behind - Kite.

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